The children of Casa de Luz were born into an earthly paradise in Santo Domingo

The fate has not been kind.
Epilepsy, autism and other
diseases serious hit them.

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Runner de Luz

A project created and promoted by Mrs. Mariluz Viñas and Mr. Daniele Barbone.

Born from the desire to help the orphans and disabled children of the Fundación Proyecto Ayuda al Niño Casa de Luz in the Dominican Republic.

A home / hospital that exclusively holds on fundraising activities and that spends every resource to offer to these abandoned children the first needs.

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Runner de Luz

Mariluz Viñas

She was born in Moca, Dominican Republic in 1963. She graduated in Marketing in the Dominican Republic.

She used to live and work in the U.S., Switzerland and Italy.

In 2007 she began running at the age of 44. In 2010 one morning in October, experiencing a difficult time in her life, she decides to run a 100km in the desert to “cure the soul.”

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Runner de Luz

Daniele Barbone

45 years old, Italian, ultra-marathoner, green economy expert, writer by passion, happy father of a son that adores, a full life and so many commitments. In short, a person absolutely normal.

Even Daniele has not  a story of  young athlete. One fine day, however, as an adult, he discovered running. If you believe that it happened like in the “Forrest Gump” movie you are very wrong there. It ‘was a tremendous effort. And step by step he managed to move his limits.

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Runner de Luz

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