Mrs. Mariluz Viñas and Mr. Daniele Barbone


Mariluz Viñas

She was born in Moca, Dominican Republic in 1963. She graduated in Marketing in the Dominican Republic.

She used to live and work in the U.S., Switzerland and Italy.

In 2007 she began running at the age of 44. In 2010 one morning in October, experiencing a difficult time in her life, she decides to run a 100km in the desert to “cure the soul.”

Here her great passion for the deserts and the ultramarathon began.

She took part in various 100km races around the world  as:

  • 4 times the 100km of the Sahara, one of them was a “Non-Stop” edition;
  • 100km of the Sahara in Senegal;
  • 100km Run Iceland;
  • 273 km to Grand to Grand in Grand Canyon (USA) in self-sufficiency

“The desert has helped me make peace with the world and with all my little or big problems. It made me take note of the fact that life passes and that a big segment of what we have is not essential, but above all, it helped me to know myself. ”

Since 2014 she is the creator and organizer of the international competition of the race “100km of Caribe” in the Dominican Republic, that is the first ultra-marathon in stages in the Caribbean.

In 2015 she decided to run for the first time for charity and she ventured to make the 800km of the Camino de Santiago in only 15 days in favor of cancer sufferer children of the Foundation St. Jude in the Dominican Republic.

By now, the challenges are part of her life and run for her is the better way to learn how to reach them, no matter how hard or long the journey is.

In April 2017 she is going to face  the 250km of the Marathon Des Sables in favor of  disabled children hosted by the Foundation Casa de Luz of her native country.


Daniele Barbone

45 years old, Italian, ultra-marathoner, green economy expert, writer by passion, happy father of a son that adores, a full life and so many commitments. In short, a person absolutely normal.

Even Daniele has not  a story of  young athlete. One fine day, however, as an adult, he discovered running. If you believe that it happened like in the “Forrest Gump” movie you are very wrong there. It ‘was a tremendous effort. And step by step he managed to move his limits.

He ran all the marathons of the World Marathon Majors circuit, and he is among the first 300 to complete it. He has been awarded with the “Six Star Finisher” in recognition of “outstanding performance and dedication.”

He completed twice the 100 km of the Sahara. Edition of 2014 in Tunisia where he raced with Mariluz, and in 2015 competition in the Sahel in Senegal.

In the last few years he started running disciplines considered “extreme”. In 2014 in solitary the Judean Desert and in 2015 the Jesus Trail in Israel, in 2016 in the desert of Agafay in Morocco and the Death Valley in the USA in mid-summer with over 45°C air temperature and almost 60°C to the ground, an effort considered to limit due to hostile conditions.

He joins the running passion to collecting found for charity, cooperating with Cesvi of which is also a testimonial. He has also a great demand for divulgation activities in the field of solidarity, sports and environment.

He has written for Corbaccio Publisher “Runner si diventa/You can become a runner”, he has a blog about running and daily experiences in which he seeks continuous points of contact between running and everyday life.

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