Il progetto

Runner de Luz

A project created and promoted
by Mrs. Mariluz Viñas
and Mr. Daniele Barbone.


Born from the desire to help the orphans and disabled children of the Fundación Proyecto Ayuda al Niño Casa de Luz in the Dominican Republic.


A home / hospital that exclusively holds on fundraising activities and that spends every resource to offer to these abandoned children the first needs.


An oasis of love in a desert of love in which they have been abandoned. To date, 38 children housed and supported.


The Project

With “Runner de Luz” project we want to help give even more comprehensive care to those hosted and possibly to embrace other stably.

The first concrete help we want to give is to allow rehabilitative care through motor recovery in water

But to do this we need a proper bath and specialized personnel.

The first resources we collect will be addressed specifically for this purpose.

Give sense of running by helping those less fortunate than us is the most beautiful and satisfying that we can do.

We are “RUNNER de Luz”, and contributing to our initiative, you can also become one of us. What are you waiting for!

Join us and donate!

Sostieni Runner De Luz: scopri come donare!

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